Being testosterone based Test 400 should be treated like testosterone. Although it is indicated as a veterinary medicine, it could possibly be used for therapy of any disorder causing decreased testosterone such as bilateral torsion, cryptorchidism, and many more disorders, but lets not kid ourselves, anyone injecting a veterinary testosterone this painful is not treating something, they’re trying to bulk up and get ripped.

That being said, when using test 400 to enhance athletic performance it would be a good idea to keep a few things in mind.

1st. Pain is your body saying something is damaging tissue, bearing that in mind it may be a good idea to alternate injection sites for Test 400 to prevent muscle damage. It would be a shame to accidentally destroy the very muscle that you’re trying to build by being careless about where you inject.

2nd. Testosterone can aromatize into estrogen, using an estrogen blocker is probably a good idea with this stuff. Seriously, nobody wants to end up like bob from fight club, take precautions with this stuff. There are even some steroids such as proviron that act as estrogen blockers as well as providing a minor boost to muscle building.

3rd. Normally I’d provide dosage information here, but considering the gung ho crazy nature of anyone willing to inject this shit into their body i’ll just provide you with the LD 50 for testosterone, you can figure out from there what dosage you want to take. The LD50 (Lethal dose for 50% of studied participants) for mice is 1g/kg. Unfortunately there was not any information regarding any studies for humans (there usually isn’t a study done on LD50 of any substance in humans for obvious reasons).

4th. There are probably better ways of getting the cutting and bulking you want, but if you’re determined to add Test 400 to a cycle, it stacks well with deca-durabolin, oral turinabol, boldenon or mathandinone for bulking cycles. If it’s a cutting cycle you’re running you’d want to add Trenbolone, parabolan or methandieone.

5th. Because injecting testosterone disables the body’s natural production of testosterone, plan for this with your post cycle therapy. Utilizing a bridging steroid during the pct is a good idea, that way you can supplement your body’s natural testosterone production while you restart your test production.

6th. Keep an eye out for any signs of side effects, if you see them discontinue use immediately and seek the aid of a doctor. The last thing you want is to have permanent problems or even death arise from your bodybuilding endeavors.