The androgenic effects of testosterone are legendary, however it’s estrogenic effects cannot be ignored either, since testosterone is naturally occuring in the body, it is readily aromatized into estrogen, meaning that a testosterone user can expect some side effects.

If ANY of these effects show up, discontinue use immediately and seek a doctor, your health is not something to take a gamble on. Swallow your pride and talk to a sports doctor (most others won’t have the necessary experience for identifying serious health issues caused by steroid use, so may either believe something is safe that isn’t or the other way around)

Potential Side Effects of Test 400 Include:

  • Man Boobs (actually feminine boobs on a man, otherwise known as gynecomastasia, now i know every guy has joked at some time or another about how if he had tits he’d play with them all day, but in reality most of you would cry, and not just because of the increased estrogen levels that this signifies)
  • Pain at the Injection Site (this is normal, we’re talking about worse pain than is normally associated with Test 400 injections, or prolonged soreness and pain that just won’t stop)
  • Water retention (once again, a little is normal, a lot is a bad sign)
  • Fat increases (you’ll probably be all over this keeping track of body mass, but remember a small amount is normal, more than that is cause for worry)
  • Acne (yes just like going through a second puberty, possibly a good idea to do something about preventing it unless you like being a pizzaface)
  • Oily Skin
  • Hair Loss
  • Body and Facial Hair Growth

Typically Test 400 users will utilize an anti-estrogen agent like Nolvadex, Clomid, or Arimidex. Another popular solution to prevent aromatizing of Testosterone is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor like Proscar. Some athletes also make use of proviron in order to prevent aromatization.

A lot of steroid users tend to refrain from utilizing those substances due to a belief that they may lower the potency of testosterone.

There are no hepatoxic effects from testosterone, and thus none from Test 400.

The pain associated with Test 400 actually comes from two sources, both the High alcohol concentration of the solution injected and the short carbon chain of Test 400’s Testosterone Propionate component. Testosterone Propionate is known to cause irritation in tissue at the injection site, but this is aggrivated and amplified by the high alcohol necessary to make an oil based solution carry as much testosterone as Test 400 does. Some people even experience a low grade fever for a few days after injections.