Test 400 is a Blend of Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate, and Testosterone Cypionate. In Making Test 400, Denkall managed to squeeze in the highest concentration of Testosterone in an oil suspension ever. The 400 in Test 400 comes from the fact that it contains 400 Milligrams of Testosterone per milliliter of oil.

Some of the issues with Test 400 stem from the fact that the only way to get that much Testosterone to dissolve in such a small amount of oil is to increase the amount of alcohol in the solution. Since injecting alcohol in your muscles stings like a son of a bitch, this makes a lot of people shy away from using this Steroid.

Although i’d wager most of it ends up in humans, it is still sold as a Vetrinary Steroid. As a vetrinary steroid it was never approved for human use, which makes it impossible to get a prescription for it in the usa. add this to the fact that it is a schedule 2 controlled substance in the united states and it becomes quite clear that the only way to get this steroid in the usa is to buy it on the black market. that being said, it is still relatively easy to obtain the real stuff. This is because smuggling almost 2x as much testosterone in the same space is a rather enticing thing, making it commonly available.

Because of it’s ability to increase muscle mass and strength while cutting fat, it is almost worth the pain, however there are better ways to achieve those results with far less pain.

The high dosage per bottle is most likely a huge boon to smugglers, because they can smuggle that much more testosterone in a much smaller space. That being said, it really, really sucks that it burns so damn much to shoot the stuff.

Like most other Testosterone based Steroids, it is readily aromatized into estrogen, and those using Test 400 are at risk for estrogenic side effects, including the ever dreaded gynecomastasia.

Like with any injection of Testosterone, it has a tendency to rapidly disable your body’s ability to produce it’s own testosterone, so you will need to plan a post cycle therapy treatment accordingly.

Test 400 has been shown to increase Sex drive, Aggression and libido. Yeah, it can definitely be said that extra testosterone makes you a real go-getter.

And in case any of you were wondering, Yes, women can use it to build mass, but like with any other Testosterone based steroid, they should be utilizing a seriously reduced dosage and must be aware that it will cause manly side effects (it’ll put hair on your chest, among other things).